AIM-CUE or NM-CUE for the Voice Lab

October 5, 2007

Differences Between the AIM-CUE and NM-CUE

Cisco Unity Express is supported on both the AIM-CUE and the NM-CUE. Cisco Unity Express features work the same way on both modules with the following exceptions:

•The AIM-CUE is a 4-port module with 1GB flash memory that stores a maximum of 50 voice mailboxes and 14 hours of voice messages. The NM-CUE is an 8-port module that stores a maximum of 100 voice mailboxes and 100 hours of voice messages.

•A trace or log command issued on the NM-CUE automatically saves the data to the disk. On the AIM-CUE, the trace and log data are not saved to flash memory. A Cisco Unity Express CLI command is available to save the data to the AIM-CUE flash memory.

•Cisco Unity Express tracks the use and wear activity of the AIM-CUE flash memory. This tracking is not necessary for the NM-CUE. The CLI command show interface ide 0 and the GUI option Reports > System displays the flash memory wear data.

So for the Voice CCIE lab the AIM-CUE is the option to go with. The price for a new AIM is about $1200 USD which is the roughly the same prices that you will find on eBay.


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